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If there is any place where people can be anonymous and yet can share their heart out about life in general, it surely is the online chat world. This virtual reality platform has been popular since the Yahoo Chat Rooms where people from all over the world could meet and make new friends... without registration ! This is one platform which is not bound by any boundaries and is available just some clicks away. After the closure of Yahoo Chat Room without registration, the dynamics of Online Chat Rooms have changed. Live video chatting, voice chatting, animated emoji/emoticon are made available which adds to the fun. Online Chat Room is a platform where people can talk about things which they hold back in real life. There are always people available to talk online when there's no one available in real life.

In this hectic life where even the family members dont have time to sit together and be social while having meals, Online Chat Room provides a regional and international space where people can meet talk whatever language they prefer to and whatever topic they want to talk about... and for FREE ! Online Chat Room doesn't charge you anything. We have provided Desi Chat Room to find people of your own city or state or country. We have made it easy and friendly for you to search and find your prefered room for chatting. There are also European, American, and many other countries Chat Room available. .

We have also provided radio system where people can carry out live RJ shows and listen to great music altogether to have more fun while chatting. So join our Desi and International Online Chat Room FREE without Registration and relax your mind by chatting and listening to music.